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Pine Cone Fireplace Starters

Keep a basket of these attractive fireplace starters near your fireplace this winter.

You will need:

Several medium to large sized dried natural pine cones (any variety)
Candle wax or some old candle stubs
A box of birthday candles
Small pie tins

Melt the candle wax in a tin can over hot water. Put a pine cone in one of the pie tins and pour wax into the tin, around the base of the pine cone. Let wax cool. Before the wax sets completely, stick a birthday candle into the wax at the pine cone's base. Repeat for the remainder of the pine cones. Allow the wax to cool and harden completely, then remove the pine cone and their wax bases from the pan.

To use:

Place one of the fire starters in your fireplace and light the candle. The burning wax and pine cone will burn and in turn ignite the firewood.


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