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Polymer Clay Candy Cane Ornament

candy cane ornamentThese attractive poly clay candy canes are easy for anyone to make!

You will need:

Polymer clay - one block each of red, white and green clay.
A plastic drinking straw or a small round clay cutter
Knife to cut clay
Glass dish for baking clay (reserve this dish just for your clay crafts!)

1) Break off a piece of the WHITE clay and knead until pliable. For each candy cane, roll clay into a rope approximately 1/4" thick and 9 " long. Set aside.

2) Break off a piece of the RED clay and knead until workable. For each candy cane, roll into a rope about 1/4" thick and 9 " long. Set aside.

3) Wash hands well and dry them. Hint: If you have trouble removing the color from the red clay, try hand lotion.

4) For each cane, take one white rope and one red rope and, starting at one end, carefully twist them together. Curve the twisted rope into a candy cane shape. Set aside.

If you are making several ornaments, handle the white clay carefully to avoid transferring red color from your hands to the clay!

5) Take a small piece of the GREEN clay, work to soften then flatten to about 1/16 thick ". For each candy cane you are making, cut two rectangles 3/4 " x 1/2".

6) Using the straw or the clay cutter, make each rectangle into a holly leaf shape by cutting a partial-circle off each corner and a semicircle out of the center of each long side (as pictured below).

poly clay holly leaf

7) Press two holly leaves with one end touching onto the candy cane, along the curved area. For berries, make a few tiny balls (1/8"-1/16") out of RED clay and place at the base of the leaves.

8) Bake in a slow oven (265 f) in a well ventilated area for about 30 minutes. Note, this is just a guideline - actual time may vary according to individual ovens and the brand of polymer clay you are using. Read the instructions on the clay package and check occasionally towards the end of the baking time to be sure they're not getting burned. (Overcooked clay is brittle and the white will discolor).

9) Remove from oven and cool ornaments. Hang with a piece of ribbon.


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