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Antique Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas Tree first achieved popularity during Victorian times. These early trees were often decorated with homemade ornaments made of cotton and fanciful paper ornaments and cornucopias (which were filled with candies and treats). Paper ornaments were taken to an art form in the intricate Victorian Dresden ornaments. Other typical Victorian ornaments were the tinsel ornaments and tinsel-wrapped glass ornaments of later years and wax ornaments often in the form of angels, dolls or clowns.

Figural glass ornaments first appeared in the late Victorian era and were popular in the first half of the 20th century. Made in a wide array of patterns, they are much in demand among collectors. Originals are still to be found, but a large number of reproductions, often made from the original molds, have been manufactured in recent years.

One type of antique Christmas ornament that is still somewhat easy to find is the Kugel -a large glass ornament with a dull sheen, popular during the Victorian era.



Antique christmas tree and ornaments