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Christmas Tree Tips

Choosing a cut tree

- Buy a tree that fits the room where it will be displayed, both in height and width. Don't get carried away by the "biggest and best" or you'll end up paying more than you need to and cutting it to fit!

- A newly cut tree will last longer. A fresh tree has springy branches and doesn't shed needles when shaken. Look for trees with a healthy green color and strong branches.

- If possible, display your Christmas tree in a cool room out of direct sunlight.


Decorating your tree

- Does your natural tree have thin areas? Thin or badly proportioned trees can be improved by buying a few matching branches of spruce trim and wiring them into the trunk.

- To reduce ornament breakage, drape lights and garland first, then hang the ornaments

- Need some unique decorating ideas? How about ...

  • Decorate your entire tree in one or two colors.
  • Decorate the tree with bows instead of ornaments.
  • Go with a country theme and primitive/handmade ornaments
  • Make an old style edible tree. Bake and hang gingerbread and other christmas cookies from the tree with ribbon. Make cornucopias out of paper, decorate, fill with wrapped candies and hang. For a garland, use a needle and thread to string together popcorn and cranberries.
  • Seashells (decorated or plain) make pretty Christmas tree ornaments. Glue ribbon or metallic cord to the shells to hang.

- Damaged Christmas Ornaments - if the hook areas of your favorite glass ornaments get too chipped to hang them from the tree, invert them on sticks or twigs and use in floral arrangements or in a vase with pine sprigs and other greenery to make an attractive Christmas accent piece.

After Christmas

- Instead of throwing out your Christmas tree and greens, cut them up and use them to mulch flower beds and trees in your yard.


Antique christmas tree and ornaments