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Pickle Ornaments

Figural Christmas tree ornaments can be found representing an amazing variety of fruits, vegetables, creatures and everyday objects. But none is more puzzling to many people than those glass Christmas ornaments in the form of a pickle. Why would anyone want to hang a pickle from their Christmas tree?

Legend has it that pickle ornaments are an old German tradition. When the parents were decorating the tree, the pickle ornament was hung last, nestled among the innermost branches of the tree. The sharp-eyed child who was the first to find the pickle on Christmas Eve would receive an extra gift from St. Nick.

The problem with this story? Nobody of German descent that I know (including my own family) has ever heard of or done this! It is widely suspected that the pickle was just another fanciful figural ornament made by the Lascha glassblowers for American buyers, and that the fake "pickle tradition" story was exported along with it - either to encourage more sales or as a great hoax - an "old tradition" born in the imagination of some unknown Lascha prankster!

But we think it's a great tradition, nonetheless!

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