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Upside Down Christmas Trees

What is an Upside Down Christmas Tree?

Just what it sounds like - a Christmas tree that is meant to be displayed upside down, with the top pointing towards the floor.

You're kidding, right?


Where did the Upside Down Christmas Tree tradition originate?

The concept of upside down trees isn't new, it's origin comes from the old German tradition of hanging a Christmas tree upside-down from the ceiling by it's trunk. You can make your own upside down Christmas tree by doing just that.

Why display a Christmas Tree upside down?

Strange as it seems there is an, um, "upside" to upside down trees. They fit nicely into crowded rooms and they are a great way to show off your ornaments because they all hang free and are not hidden in the branches. They are also more likely to be out of the reach of pets, especially if your upside down tree is attached in the traditional manner to the wall or ceiling!